The Complete Guide to Martingale Collars for Greyhounds


If you’re a greyhound person, you’ll know that they aren’t your average dog. They’re more like cats in dog suits. Or a bullet train/couch potato mash up. Or simply, The Best.

Greyhounds also have extremely slippery heads and necks!

If you’ve ever tried putting a regular dog collar on your hound, you’ll know that they can just shimmy straight back out again. Not so greyt for safety. So, how do you keep your greybaby safe, secure and stylish on walkies?


Meet The Martingale

Martingale Collars are the gold standard collar for greyhounds (and the whole sighthound fam), offering a unique design that gently prevents our slender friends from sliding free – especially those snoots with a natural inclination to chase.


How do they work?

Martingale Collars have a non-slip design that tightens slightly when tension is applied, as opposed to a fixed-diameter collar.  They consist of a length of material with a smaller loop at one end, known as the control loop or tightening loop. 

When tension is applied to the leash, the control loop tightens, ensuring a snug fit without choking (ouch!) or causing discomfort to your pup.  This limited-slip design stops the collar from sliding over the dog's head and offers a secure and reliable way to keep your greyhound safe when out and about. 

It’s an essential bit of kit for every responsible hound parent. Whether you're out for walkies or a high speed romp, martingale collars tick many boxes. Peace of mind, tick! Safe and secure pup, tick! Cute and comfy? Tick tick!


Finding the perfect fit

Properly fitting your grey’s Martingale Collar is key to ensure their comfort and safety. Follow these steps to get it right.

1. Adjust the collar

Start by loosening the collar so that it slides easily over your greyhound's head. Ensure that the small loop, also known as the control loop or tightening loop, is fully relaxed.

2. Put the collar on

With the collar fully open, place it around your greyhound's neck, positioning it high on the neck, just behind the ears.

3. Tighten the collar

Pull the control loop gently until the collar fits snugly but not too tight. It should allow enough room for two fingers to fit comfortably between the collar and your greyhound's neck.

4. Test the fit

Attach a leash to the collar and give it a gentle tug. The collar should tighten slightly without restricting your greyhound's breathing or causing any discomfort. And that's it; your grey is ready for walkies!


What’s the most durable Martingale Collar?

There’s nothing worse than a collar that fades, frays or falls apart after just a few months.  So when it comes to durability, there are specific Martingale Collars that stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

Some of the strongest and longest lasting Martingale Collars are those made from nylon or polyester webbing. Known for their exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear, these materials can weather all kinds of daily play, going the distance with your grey. 

At Pepper Grey, we pride ourselves on crafting collars made from durable nylon. It’s fade resistant, retains its brilliant colour, and easily withstands the demands of everyday use without rips or tears.

As well as the choice of materials, how Martingale Collars are constructed plays a vital role in their durability too. Martingale Collars with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty hardware, such as sturdy D-rings and buckles, will outlast the rest. 

These features contribute to the overall strength and reliability of the collar; an excellent choice for active and energetic greyhounds.  Us Pepper Grey folk are obsessed with the details, so we make use of sturdy (and shiny) D-rings and buckles that are built to last for many years to come. 


Where can I buy a Martingale Collar for my greyhound?

It’s not always easy to find Martingale Collars that are both well made and cute. That’s why we started Pepper Grey: to create the collars we wanted to see in the world!

There are several online and local pet stores that offer a pretty good range of Martingale Collars specifically for whippets and greyhounds. Here are our favourites:

Pepper Grey

You can’t expect us not to put our paw up, can you? At Pepper Grey, we specialise in sighthound accessories. We’ve worked hard to craft the cutest, grooviest, safest and best quality Martingale Collars out there, because we’re greyhound people too. Our collection is wide ranging and flexible, so go ahead and sniff out the perfect collar for your bestie.


Etsy is another reputable online store with a great range of Martingale Collars for greyhounds and whippets. With a little Sherlockery, you can discover lots of designs and patterns to keep your grey happy. Just remember to check customer reviews and be sure that the collar meets your greyhound's specific size requirements first, before making a purchase.


Martingale Collars all wrapped up

Martingale Collars are the perfect combo of security and style for greyhounds. Their unique design prevents accidental slipping while maintaining gentle control. And as responsible pet parents, the safety and wellbeing of our precious noodles is an absolute priority.

If you have any further questions about Martingale Collars, we’re here to help. Simply send us an email and we’ll zoomie back a response. Otherwise, have fun choosing your favourite design from our colourful collection of quality collars at Pepper Grey Shop!

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