Do greyhounds need special collars, or can any old collar do the trick for our snoot-tiful speedsters? Are they just chasing fashion trends or is there a method to their collar madness? Get ready to dive into the world of greyhound fashion (aka fashound) and find out why their collar game is truly "greyt" and why every greyhound deserves this boop-worthy accessory. If you’ve been curious my fren, you’ve come to the right place. Let the collar investigation begin.


1. A Greyhound’s Anatomy:

Greyhounds are a unique breed with slender necks, deep chests, and a distinctively graceful build that extends beyond the “traditional dog norms”. Generic collars might not cut it for our lean speedsters who – let's face it – (mostly) struggle physically to sit like a normal dog. Special collars, tailored to their anatomy – such as the martingale collar – ensure a snug fit without compromising their comfort during walks and play.


2. Escape Artists

Greyhounds, or should we say "Houndinis", have mastered the art of escape. They’re pros at slipping out of regular dog collars. Their slender heads and necks make slipping out of regular collars a walk in the park. Special collars, such as martingale collars for greyhounds, provide the perfect solution, offering control without the risk of a sudden collar-free sprint. 


Opt for collars specifically tailored to your greyhound's sleek escape skills, like martingale collars or harnesses.


3. Sensitive Skin and Special Needs:

Beneath their sleek and beautiful coats, greyhounds have sensitive skin (prone to dandruff and irritations). Special collars with wider designs distribute pressure evenly, minimising the risk of chafing and irritation. It's not just about style; it's about ensuring that every boop-worthy fren can wear their collar with absolute comfort.


Opt for wider designs for your greyhound's comfort and irritation-free experience. Wide collars are cuter and simply adorbs which is a huge plus!


Final thoughts

For sighthounds and the sighthound community, special collars aren't just accessories – they're essential gear. So, when you see a greyhound with a uniquely tailored collar, it's not just a fashion statement; it ensures every boop, walk, and playtime is a truly greyt experience.

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